Museo Inmigración - Iluminación

Immigration Museum – Buenos Aires

Immigration Museum of the “Universidad de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF)”

The National University of Tres de Febrero recovered and maintains continuity of this immigration museum founded in 1974, located in the space of the old “Immigrants Hotel”. Its objective is the development of a permanent area of memory and tribute intended for both those who came from Europe, Asia and Africa have shared this soil with intensity, since the second half of the 19th century, like our South American brothers who concretize the permeability that drives our legislation.


To this end, the museum remodeled its entrance to give it greater accessibility, creating a 24-meter-high glass tower as a circulatory annex that contains an elevator, stairs, observation deck, and refrigeration equipment, all with a modern architectural design with an exposed metal structure that enhances the museum.

Museo Inmigración - Acceso
Museo Inmigración - Acceso

This Immigration Museum’s differential feature is to present to the public the experience of migrating in its sections of the journey, arrival, insertion and legacy, ensuring that the viewer investigates the conditions of the migrant in the past as well as the current ones, with the inclusion of historical documentation, photographs, films, and contemporary testimonies.

All these materials coexist, in turn, with some artistic interventions such as those of Carlos Trilick, Graciela Sacco, Gabriela Golder, Mariano Sardón and Annemarie Heinrich, with the conviction that symbolic productions contribute to the expansion of meanings and historical reflection.

Engineering project development

In this project, the detailed engineering of the entire structure was developed, paying special attention to the connections that would be exposed, to the supports that take up the glass skin of the building (curtain wall), and to the design of the staircase. The total weight of the structure is 63Tn.

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