Tekla Steel Detailer & Drafter - Nicolas Papini

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Nicolas Papini

Country La Tatenguita, Santo Tomé, Argentina CP3016
Nicolas Papini


BIM Models of steel and concrete structures with Level of Development LOD 400 for several industry stakeholders as owners , constructors, fabricators, engineering consultants, advisers and/or specialized contractors.

For more information about BIM, its use and future in the construction industry do clic in this interesting article.

Precast Panels - BIM Model
Axionlog - Modelo BIM
Baredes - Modelo BIM
Casa Nordelta - Modelo BIM
Cori Neuquen - Modelo BIM
Torre Museo - Modelo BIM
Pipe formwork - BIM Model
Escuela Temperley - Modelo BIM
Encofrado New Jersey - Modelo BIM
Nordelta Armaduras - Modelo BIM
Globalsystem - Modelo BIM
Piperack - Modelo BIM
SIVET - Modelo BIM
Torre Central Nuclear - Modelo BIM
TGV Campana - Modelo BIM
Sieve Tower - BIM model